BOON potions are the ultimate XP boost...they are available in all starting cities.

(example: Freeport Announcements, Grobb Announcements, etc.)

They are target castable and can carry only one in your inventory.

They break if you die (or go away) and you have to have it recast on you.

They give 4 times (4X) the XP boost.

They last 24 hours I think. (maybe 12, not exactly sure)

(The info below (concerning XP bonuses) is pre-boon.)

To buy all the XP Buff Pots, bring 180,000 tunar with you to Anu Observatory!

Anu Village (N).

Good Fortune = 20% xp Bonus

Excellent Fortune = 33% xp Bonus

Fantastic Fortune = 40% xp BonuS

Agility of the Wasp = wasp form 32 agility

Charisma of the Wisp = wisp form 32 cha

Dexterity of the Snake = snake form 32 dex

Intelligence of the Clockwork = clockwork rat 32 int

Stamina of the Warthog = warthog form 32 sta

Strength of the Boar = boar form 32 str

Wisdom of the Owl = owl form 32 wis

Mystical Strength = 27 str

Mystical Stamina = 27 sta

Mystical Agility = 27 agi

Mystical Dexterity = 27 dex

Mystical Wisdom = 27 wis

Mystical Intelligence = 27 int

Mystical Charisma = 27 cha

Mystical Resistances = 5pr 22fr,cr,lr,dr,ar

Mystical Reinforcement = 750hpmax with heal 750powmax

The form and stat buffs do not stack with each other.

Everything stacks to 10, except Grobb Teleportation Rune(stacks99) and Good Fortune (stacks20).

The Fortunes will all show, but you will only gain the highest buff.

The forms, resist, reinforcement, and fortune buffs stack.

All buffs last 5 min.

All buffs are level 15, NO TRADE, except teleport rune(lvl1NO TRADE)

Grobb Teleport Rune = Harnesses some of the combine empires teleportation magic and sends you to Grobb.

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