Wyndhaven is a zone consisting primarily of forest. It is bounded on the west by ocean and on the east by Jethro's Cast. To the north lies Mariel Village and Whale Hill to the south.
Wyndhaven last garrison

The northmost Wyndhaven garrison

The average mobs in Wyndhaven are of levels 15 to 25.

Points of interestEdit

In Wyndhaven (E) is found the neutral town of Wyndhaven.

Barracks and garrisons of the Wyndhaven militia are found in both Wyndhaven (S) and Wyndhaven (NW).

The mountain hideout of the bandit group Tarlin's Bandits is found in Wyndhaven (SE).

In Wyndhaven (S) a small mountain lion called the Catamount may be found. Catamount is essentially an instant-spawn mob, and in the early days of EQOA: Classic, many adventurer killed him repeatedly for XP.

Wyndhaven Tarlins bandit hideout

The hideout of Tarlin's Bandits

Roaming the hills of Wyndhaven (E) and Wyndhaven (NE) are Talamir Wardens, the remnant forces of Talamirs Regiment.
Wyndhaven Talamir warden

Talamir Warden in Wyndhaven (E)

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