Widow's Peak is a zone consisting primarily of plains and grasslands. It is bounded on the west by Urglunt's Gate (although inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall) and on the east by Brog Fens. To the north lies South Crossroads and Kelinar is to the south (although inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall).

The average mobs in Widow's Peak are of levels 30 to 40.
Widows Peak undead dungeon

Undead dungeon in Widows Peak (C)

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Widow's Peak:

  • Doomed
  • Ghost
  • Gnoll Berserker
  • Gnoll Commander
  • Gnoll Reaver
  • Gnoll Shaman
  • Lion Patriarch
  • Zintec Zombie

Points of interestEdit

In Widow's Peak (C) is a strange underground tomb populated by ghosts. Above ground and around the perimeter roam Zintec Zombies. In this area adventurers will find Keller, a quest mob associated with the Muniel's Tea Garden 33 side quest.
Widows Peak gnoll camps

Gnoll camps in Widow's Peak (NE)

Numerous gnoll camps are located throughout Widow's Peak. These camps typically feature gnoll berserkers, reavers, shaman, as well as a lone gnoll commander.

In Widow's Peak (N) is a massive aviak village. Here adventurers may encounter Lizza Tailfeather. This camp is noteable for having loot table whatsoever - not only will players not find any aviak-specific loot, nor will they find any regional or generic loot. Given the extensive loot tables unique to aviaks, with items ranging from levels 5 through 35 - it's probable that this camp featured both level 40 and level 45 items in the corresponding sets but that the tables themselves were simply broken.
Widows Peak aviak village

Aviak Vilalge in Widow's Peak (N)

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