Cracktooths are in Bobble By Water.

Caimen are in Bobble By Water.

Snake Cave is in Bandit Hills.

Deathfist Myrmidons (AKA Myrms) can be found between MTG and the big Deathfist Citadel Camp.

Sunnyvale is in the Darvor Manor, southwest of the town.

DFC in the Deathfist Citadel Zone.

Minos are in Gerntar Mines.

Deathfist Slayers south of MTG, just head along the coast south.

Hexes are in Zentar's Keep.

Aviaks are in Widow's Peak.

Kappa Drudge Camps are scattered over Odous, one is north of Arcadin another is west of Arcadin, in East Plateua.

Phantoms are North West of Arcadin, East Plateau Zone.

Hill Giants are in Kelinar.

Snow Griffons are in Zentar's Keep.

Kappa Fort is in Slysthis Dwell.

Gargoyles are in South Barren Coast.

Ratmen are in Sout Barren Coast, also in The Warrens.

Tenacious Frost Giants are NE of Zentar's Keep, Snowblind Plains.

Harpies are in Erud's Crossing, head east out of Black Market.

Moots are in Erud's Crossing, head east out of Black Market, Moots are south of Harpies.

Kappa Warriors are in Slythis Dwell.

EQOA Camp Locations



Druidic Cadavers Qeynos (NW) 7-9

Coldpaw Klik A'non (W) 4-7

LEVELS 10-20

Plainsriders Mulin's Reach (N/NE) 17-21

Bandits Mulin's Reach (SE) 14-18

Orc Tunnel The Druk (C) 14-18

Undead Northern Ro (NW) 17-20

Undead Northern Ro (SW) 18-20

Undead Fayspires Gate (E) 14-17

Bandits Greyvax's Cave (E) 17-

Nasehir Northern Ro (NW/W) 10-14

Madmen/Undead Northern Ro (C)

Caimen/Crocodiles Bobble-by-Water (E) 18-20

LEVELS 20-30

Cracktooth Orcs Hodstock & Temby (N) 21-25

Plainsriders Mulin's Reach (N/NE) 17-21

Scarecrows Alseop's Wall (W) 25-30

Undead Collinridge Cemetery (C) 19-24

Undead Castle Felstar (N) 20-26

Bloodfoot Bandits Mt Hatespike (W) 26-32

Crocodiles/Caimen Bobble-By-Water (E) 19-22

Sunnyvale (undead) Jared's Blight (SW)

Darkwood Goblins Alseop's Wall (N)

LEVEL 30-40

Merkans Stone of Morthalis (W) 30-35

Buccaneers Salt Mine (E) LVL

Deathfist Reavers Al Farak Ruins (S/SE)

Centaur/Lionwere Centaur Valley (SW)

LEVELS 40-50

Tendora-Buki West Toxulia (SW) 48-53

Hexbones (undead) Zentar's Keep 41-45

Phantoms West Plateau (S)

Siloth Salt Mine (S/C)

LEVELS 50-60

Tendora-Buki West Toxulia (SW) 48-53

Child/Pariah of Xragg Elephant Graveyard 60-62

Standard XP Areas

1-10 Anything close to your home town, don't really even need a camp.

10-18 Any number of good camps around your home town, or, if you want to venture to Freeport, there are the two undead camps and a Nasehir camp.

19-24 Cracktooth Orcs and Caimen/Crocs by BBW.

24-29 Snake Cave in Bandit Hills by DM, Sunnyvale By DM, Deathfist Myrmidons by MTG.

29-34 DFC by MTG, Gnairls by MTG, Gnolls near DM

35-39 Minos by GM, Deathfist Slayers camp south of MTG by Nasehir fort

39-44 Hexes by ZK, Aviaks close to FW, Kappa Drudges near Arc.

44-49 Phants by Arc., Hill Giants near FW, Snow Griffons near ZK, Ice Refugees

49-55 Kappa fort near Arc., Gargoyles, Ratmen

55-60 TFGs, Harpies, Moots, Kappa Warriors, Kobalds

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