Whale Hill is a zone consisting primarily of light forest and swamp. It is bounded on the west by ocean and on the east by Crethley Manor. To the north lies Wyndhaven and Qeynos to the south.
Whale hill hill

Whale Hill

The average mobs in Wymondham are of levels 10 to 20.

Points of interestEdit

In Whale Hill (E) are several gnoll camps.

In Whale Hill (N) just off the road heading towards Wyndhaven is Merryglade Cottage. Bim Merryglade can be found outside the cottage, and Tine Merryglade inside. Both are kill-on-sight to player characters. Both Bim and Tine Merryglade are placeholders for Grandma Merryglade, a quad-hitting caster who can deal substanial damage to unprepared adventurers.
Whale Hill Merryglade cottage

Merryglade Cottage

The mansion of Gliden Crakshaw is found in Whale Hill (S). In EQOA: Classic, Gliden could be attacked and killed. He has since been made unattackable.
Whale Hill mansion

The mansion of Gliden Crakshaw

The small barbarian village of Binshore is found in Whale Hill (E). It is the southern-most barbarian settlement in Tunaria.
Whale Hill Binshore

The village of Binshore

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