Mayfly Glade is a zone primarily consisting of plains and hills. It is bounded on the west by Aviak Village and on the east by South Crossroads. To the north lies Mayfly Glade and Urglunt's Gate is to the south.
Urglunts Eall gate

The gateway to the Great Unknown, in Urglunt's Wall (E)

Urglunt's Wall marks one of two entrances into the Great Unknown.

The average mobs in Urglunt's Wall are of levels 35 to 50.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Urglunt's Wall:

  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops Elder
  • Cyclops Elite Guard
    Urglunt's Wall House

    Cyclops dwelling in Urglunt's Wall (C)

  • Cyclops Guard
  • Cyclops Warder
  • Deathwing aviak
  • Elite Cyclops Guard
  • Ogre Guard
  • Razorback

Points of interestEdit

The gateway to the Great Unknown is located in Urglunt's Gate (E) and is guarded by the strongest of Urglunt's cyclops henchmen.
Urglunt's Wall House 2

Cyclops dwelling in Urglunt's Wall (E)

With the Frontiers expansion pack, a portal is connable in front of the main gate and always porting into Urglunt's Wall to the south. In EQOA: Classic, before the release of Frontiers, it was not uncommon for two groups of adventurers to camp either side of the gateway, as killing the cyclops and the elite guards provided substanial XP.

West of the gate, in Urglunt's Wall (C) is a large stone house, one of two cyclops dwellings in the area. The house is populated by cyclops warders and elders, and adventurers may also occasionally find Kyha Flintnails here - a substantially underconned cyclops who will typically require a small force to defeat.

The second of two cyclops dwellings is found also in Urglunt's Wall (E). Nearby the house, adventurers may find the cyclops Nunnie, and less commonly, Ungla herself - the companion of Urglunt.
Urglunts Wall ogre guards

Outcast ogres encamped in Urglunt's Wall (NW)

In Urglunt's Wall (NW), a small band of ogres camp amongst a circle of stones. It is plausible that these ogres fought their way through the gateway at Urglunt's Wall and fled the cyclops into the northern hills of the zone. Their leader, Chief Doonba, has a small chance to spawn in place when any of the stationary ogre guards is killed and looted. Their name implies something of value is being guarded at the stone monument, although when killed the ogres only occasionally drop non-descript armor pieces from the Sheer Bone set, which are devoid of any characteristics aside from being LORE.

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