Twisted Tower is a zone consisting primarily of forest. It is bounded on the west by Mariel Village and on the east by Murnf. To the north lies Unkempt Glade and Jethro's Cast is to the south (although inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall).
Twisted Tower Jaegar Mansion

Jaegar Mansion in Twisted Tower (N)

The average mobs in Twisted Tower are of levels ?? to ??.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Twisted Tower:

Points of interestEdit

Jaegar Mansion is located in Twisted Tower (N). Jaeger himself is a vampire found in the crypts below the mansion. The crypt is only accessible by completing a quest that involves killing two rare mobs, Sept Elder Sesh and Kaila Jaegar. The mansion itself is infested with numerous undead, which become markedly more deadly during the nighttime hours. Conseqently, venturing into Jaegar Mansion for new adventurers is recommended only during the daytime hours.

In Twisted Tower (N), a small camp of vampire hunters keep a close eye on the region.
Twisted Tower vampire hunters

Vampire hunters in Twisted Tower (N)

Kaila Jaegar, one of the mobs associated with the quest to enter the crypts below Jaegar Mansion, spawns in the middle of a lake in Twisted Tower (NE).
Twisted Tower Kaila Jaegar

Kaila Jaegar in Twisted Tower (NE)

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