Trail's End is a zone primarily consisting of plains, light forests, and hills. It is bounded on the west by Strag's Rest and on the east by Ferran's Hope (although largely inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall). To the north lies Highpass Hold and Dshinn's Redoubt is to the south.
Trail's End

Trail's End

The average mobs in Trail's End are of levels 25 to 40. The following mobs are commonly encountered in Trail's End:

  • Highway bandit
  • Highway thug
  • Lioness Matriarch
  • Rabid Grizzly Bear
  • Silvermist Wolf

Points of interestEdit

Trail's End is a small town, located in Trail's End (S). It features grocers as well as the quest giver for a level 30 side quest, Two-Eyed Jack.
Trails End village

The village of Trail's End

Trails End villager

Villager in Trail's End

The road east out of the village leads to Highpass, winding through the mountains. Several caves line the mountainside along which the trail passes, and they primarily serve as hideouts for highway bandits.

A stone monument, shrouded in green mist, is located in Trail's End (NW), in a small valley.
Trails End bandit hideout

Bandit hideout in Trail's End (N)


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