The tradeskill system allows players to craft items. The quality of these items is directly correlated to one's trade level and rank, as well as attributes, equipped items, and difficulty of the item being made.

Learning a tradeskill is not difficult, and it can be very profitable. From crafting a ring, to a full set of armor or a powerful weapon, when you learn a tradeskill you can make items that will benefit your characer.

There are four tradeskills that can be learned in EQOA:

  • Armorcrafting
  • Weaponcrafting
  • Tailoring
  • Jewelcrafting


The tradeskill system is based on three key factors: the recipe, product, and craftsman.

Crafted items come in four quality levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare. From an itemization and statistic distribution perspective, trade skill items may be considered one level lower than magic items. For instance, an Uncommon tradeskill item will have roughly similar statistics and benefits as a Common magic item. Or an Ultra Rare tradeskill item will have roughly similar statistics to a Rare quality magic item.

Trade levelsEdit

The trade level requirement is based on the level of the item. The difficulty of the recipe is based on level of the end result in relation to its trade level. This will be measured in trade skill points. The rarity of a crafted item is based upon the rarity of the most rare component.

Skill pointsEdit

Skill points are used within a formula that determines success or failure when attempting to craft an item. In order to advance on level in a trade skill, it is necessary to obtain 10 skill points during that level.


Players can experiment with different trade skill items in an attempt to discover a new recipe. When experimenting, items marked as "Consume on Fail" will be lost on an unsucessful attempt at combining (whether the item combination is a valid recipe or not). A successful discovery will notify the player, and prompt he or she to add the recipe to the trade skill manual - this allows the player to then subsequently craft the item again at a later time.


There are a total of 120 mundane armor pieces, 1800 magical armor piecs, and 390 shields that may be created via armorcrafting.


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