Takish'Hiz is a zone consisting primarily of desert. It is bounded on the west by Tak'Xiz South and on the east by Sea of Lions. To the north lies the Tak'Xiv West and Burial Mounds is to the south. Takish'Hiz was once the homeland of the elves, and the ruins of their main settlements there are now overrun by demons and teir'dal.

The ruined city of Takish'Hiz

The average mobs in Takish'Hiz are of levels 40 to 50.

In an earlier age, endless aisles of marble stood cool in the shadows of the great Elddar Forest. Now all that remains is a lifeless sea of sand and sotne. Beneath these sun scorched reminders rests a piece of time forgotten even by the god which set the condemning sands in motion. No longer living, yet unable to forget, something vengeful is moving beneath the desert of Ro.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Takish'Hiz:

  • Singetail scorpion

Points of interestEdit

The ruined city of Takish'Hiz is found in Takish'Hiz (C). It is the destination of several high level quests including the final quest mob for one of the original 49 epic quest lines - Chardith.
Takish'Hiz lake

Small lake in Takish'Hiz (SW)

A small lake is located in Takish'Hiz (SW), on the coast of which is a small encampment of teir'dal in Takish'Hiz (W). A small group of denouncers and elite dragoons operates out of the camp.
Takish'Hiz Teir'dal camp

Teir'dal camp in Takish'Hiz (W)

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