The information below is available in case the FREE Rehabilitators are taken away. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Talk to the Rehabilitator in MTG

General Info1. If you are level 35+ you can reallocate cms. Basically, it puts all of your spent cms as unspent. It costs 50k tunar. If you are 55+ you can reallocate tps, which will force you to reallocate cms as well since so many cms are based on your tps. It puts all of your tps (dropping your down to your starting stats) and cms as unspent. It costs 100k tunar. You can only do the cms only reallocation once. And you can only do the tps/cms reallocation once. So you get a chance to do your cms twice. If you find a Rose of Renewal, you can reallocate again for free.2. As for limits, you can only do each type of reallocation once (cms & tps/cms), unless you get your hands on a Rose of Renewal. As for the number of cms and tps you reallocate, it does them all, not just a few.______________________________________________________________It will cost you 100k for the tp/cm.______________________________________________________________Before you do it.A little advice when you go to reallocate, make sure you spend unspent cms. A few people ended up losing some of their unspent cms when they reallocated. Also, unequip your armour so you can add your tps easier. Make sure your plan out your tps and cms before you do it so you don't have to try to find a Rose of Renewal if you mess up.If you sold back cms after getting your tag before reallocation, you'll need to get the 500 spent for your tag to open up again.

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