Sycamore Joy's Rest is a zone consisting primary of desert. It is bounded on the west by Eternal Desert and on the east by ocean. To the north lies Al Farak Ruins and Great Waste is to the south.
Sycamore Joy's Rest

Sycamore Joy's Rest

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Sycamore Joy's Rest:
Sycamore Joys Rest entrance

The entrance to Sycamore Joy's Rest

  • Abyssal Ghoul
  • Crag Spider
  • Nasehir Rogue
  • Nasehir Warrior
  • Nasehir Wizard
  • Torrid Drake

Points of InterestEdit

Sycamore Joy's Rest itself is located in Sycamore Joy's Rest (C). It is a druidic haven located within a large protective green force shield. The sanctuary is under frequent assault by Teir'dal, and they infact patrol the entraceway leading into it. The sanctuary is watched over by the white wolf, Lyria Whitepaw.

Several Nasehir bandit camps are located throughout Sycamore Joy's Rest. In the early days of EQOA: Classic these were commonly visited camps for player characters in their late 30s and early 40s. Nasehir camps are found in Sycamore Joy's Rest (NE), (E), (S), and (W). The Nasehir bandit lord Selam Blackarrow spawns at the dock camp in Sycamore Joy's Rest (NE).
Sycamore joy's rest

Sycamore Joy's Rest

Sycamore Joy's Rest House N'ryt knights

House N'ryt tower in Sycamore Joy's Rest (SE)

In addition, several Tier'dal towers are located throughout Sycamore Joy's Rest. House N'ryt in particular operates such a tower out of Sycamore Joy's Rest (SE).

The undead mummy Kirin Ra is occasionally found roaming the dunes in Sycamore Joy's Rest (S).

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