Surefall Glade is a zone consisting primarily of forests. It is bounded on the west by Jethro's Cast and on the east by Wymondham. To the north lies Murnf (although inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall) and Fog Marsh is to the south.
Surefall glade entrance

The entrance to Surefall Glade

The average mobs in Ant Colonies are of levels 1 to 10.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Surefall Glade:

Points of interestEdit

Surefall Glade itself is a druid and ranger sanctuary located within an oval mountain range that comprises the majority of the (C) and (N) sections of the zone. The entrane to Surefall Glade is located in Surefall Glade (C).

Slesher, the outpost of the outcast gnoll clan of the same name, is locatedin Surefall Glade (SE).

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