Strag's Rest is a zone primarily consisting of mountains and plains. It is bounded on the west by Alseop's Wall and on the east by Trail's End. To the north lies Bandit Hills and Salt Mine is to the south.
Strags Rest

Strag's Rest

The average mobs in Strag's Rest are of levels 10 to 30. The following mobs are commonly encountered in Strag's Rest:

  • Griffawn
  • Necrivor
  • Skeleton

Points of interestEdit

Strag's Rest itself is a small fort located in Strag's Rest (S). It features a blacksmith, banker, and grocers, most notably Grocer Strag himself.

The road to Strag's Rest runs south out of Bandit Hills. Alongside the road several guard towers are abandoned and since overtaken by undead.
Strags Rest guard towers

Abandoned guard towers in Strag's Rest (C)

A crest of mountains runs along the eastern and western boundaries of the zone. Undead infest the mountain range in Strag's Rest (W), congregating primarily around a small polluted lake, which is populated by dragon eels. In addition, a single zombie spawns swimming with the lake. It is unknown if, but plausible that, it is a placeholder mob for a rare named mob.
Strags Rest lake

Undead swarm a lake in Strag's Rest (W)

Opposite the lake, in Strag's Rest (W) is found a mountain griffon roost, high in the hills. Numerous griffawns spawn along the mountainside. A named griffawn, Tonshi, is rumored to be found here.
Strags Rest griffawn roosts

Griffawn roost in Strag's Rest (E)

A small abandoned camp is found in Strag's Rest (NE), past the mountains and on the border of Trail's End.

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