Sslathis is a zone consisting primarily of desert in the north and jungle and swamp in the south. It is bounded on the west by Ant Colonies and on the east by Guk. To the north lies the Slithtar Hive and Basher's Enclave is to the south.
Sslathis Pyramid

Pyramid in Sslathis (C)

The average mobs in Sslathis are of levels 15 to 30.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Sslathis:

  • Froglok Scout

Points of interestEdit

A small monument is located in Sslathis (N), bounded by dead trees.
Sslathis Monument

Monument in Sslathis (N)

A mage portal pyramid is located in Sslathis (C). Tesarin Moonstrider, much maligned target of the Fayspire level 17 sidequest is found nearby.

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