South Crossroads is a zone primarily consisting of plains. It is bounded on the west by Urglunt's Wall and on the east by Centaur Valley. To the north lies Forkwatch and Widow's Peak is to the south.
South Crossroads Dark Solace entrance

The entrance to Dark Solace in South Crossroads

Points of interestEdit

In South Crossroads, evil aligned player characters will find the hideout of Dark Solace, within a temple of the Cultists of the Plague. The entrance to the temple is located in South Crossroads (C).

Nearby the temple, an unlikely alliance of human, elf, dark elf, erudite, troll, and ogre has banded together.
South Crossroads an unlikely alliance

An unlikely alliance

A stone monument of a firefly is found in South Crossroads (S). Nearby the monument spawn numerous small fireflies and flame hornets.
South Crossroads firefly monument

The firefly monument in South Crossroads

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