Snowfist is a zone consisting primarily of tundra. It is bounded on the west by Halas and on the east by Greyvax's Cave (although inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall). To the north lies another impassable mountain wall and Goldfeather Eyrie is to the south.
Snowfist outpost

Outpost in Snowfist (S)

The average mobs in Al-Farak Ruins are of levels 10 to 20.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Snowfist:
Snowfist shaman

Snowfist shaman in Snowfist (SE).

  • Aviak
  • Snowfist Archer
  • Snowfist Blacksmith
  • Snowfist Captain
  • Snowfist Cook
  • Snowfist Hordekeeper
  • Snowfist Hunter
  • Snowfist Scavenger
  • Snowfist Trademaster
  • Snowfist Trainer
  • Snowfist Warrior

Points of InterestEdit

Snowfist is the home of the Snowfist goblin clan. The Snowfist have two main bases of operations in the zone: a large outdoor village is located in Snowfist (NE). It is characterized by many igloos, and bounded by a large stone wall guarded by numerous Snowfist. The day-to-day activities in the village are largely overseen by High Shaman Glup. He is commonly found in an igloo on the eastern side of the village.
Snowfist wall

Entrance gate to the Snowfist village

The legendary Snowfist warlord, General Frostboot, appears in the village only infrequently. The second base of operations of the Snowfist clan is a large keep built into the side of the mountain in Snowfist (C). The winding halls within the keep lead to many rooms including a kitchen and chapel. In the back of the keep, three Snowfist Frostchanters are found paying homage to a large statue of a Snowfist champion.
Snowfist fortress

Entrance to the Snowfist keep

Snowfist fortress frostchanters

Frostchanters in the Snowfist fortress

A small stone monument is found high within the hills in Snowfist (SE). The outcast Shaman, Wagherd Frostspirit is commonly found here, with his consort of Snowfist shaman and hunters.

Several Snowfist outpost towers are located throughout the zone.

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