Slithtar Hive is a zone consisting primarily of desert. It is bounded on the west by Sea of Lions and on the east by Hazinak. To the north lies the Great Waste and Sslathis is to the south. Slithtar Hive is home to the main colony of Slithtar, an insect-like race and mortal enemy of the Chiktar.
Slithtar Hive

Slithtar Hive

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Slithtar Hive:

  • Slith Tar Guard
  • Slith Tar Scout

Points of interestEdit

The primary features of note in Slithtar Hive are the various hives themselves; typically one is found per division of zone - in (NW), (N), (NE), and so on. Each hive is home to several slithtar guards and scouts, as well as a Thornfiend.

The Slith Tar Queen herself is found in a hive in Slithtar Hive (C), below ground.

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