Slesher is a small gnoll outpost located in Surefall Glade (SE). Most of the gnolls found here are outcasts from Blackburrow. The runts, sickly, cowardly, deformed, stupid (which by gnoll standards would be the intelligence of a fence post), and anti-social have congregated here under a banner of shame and vengeance. Vengeance, not only against mankind and its ingenuity, but also against Blackburrow itself, in its arrogance and misunderstanding.
Surefall glade slesher

Looking down upon the Slesher compound

The outpost houses hundreds of gnolls and hundreds of animate dead. While this army is weak, their numbers are more than enough to keep Blackburrow and the citizens of Surefall Glade at bay, though both factions plan on wiping this outpost out as soon as possible.


The bulk of the Slesher compound is outdoors, and is encompassed by a large wooden wall. A large stone building is located in the middle of the compound, walled on three sides by watchtowers.

Named mobsEdit

There are several named mobs found in Slesher:


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