Skyrider's leggings

Type: Greaves
Races: ALL
Classes: WAR PAL SK CL
Requires: Level 30
Stats: +15 STA
+25 HP
+10 CR
134 AC
DUR: 60
Location: N/A
Description: These leggings were forged and worn by noble aviak warriors, upholding an ancient tradition of their people.

Skyrider's leggings are plate quality leggings. They are noteable for having been originally equippable by several non-plate wearing classes, including bards, rangers, rogues, and shaman. The item was changed to its current state in a patchin October 2003.


Classes: WAR PAL SK CL

Races: ALL

Item Level: 30

DUR: 60

  • STA: 15
  • HP: 25
  • POWER: 15
  • CR: 10
  • AC: 134



Skyrider leggings use the sky plate item model.

Drop InformationEdit

Skyrider leggings are dropped by aviak mobs within the appropriate level range (26-30).

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