Serpent HIlls is a zone primarily consisting of hills and light forests. It is bounded on the west by Brog Fens and on the east by Chiktar Hive. To the north lies Wktaan's 4th Talon and Tak'Xiz West is to the south.
Serpent hills

Serpent hills

The average mobs in Serpent HIlls are of levels 30 to 50.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Serpent Hills:
Serpent Hills tombstones

Tombstones in Serpent Hills (C)

  • Ancient Ghariel
  • Griffon elder
  • Griffon nest protector
  • Griffon warrior
  • Deathfist prophet
  • Deathfist reaver

Points of interestEdit

Along the mountainside in Serpent Hills (E) is a flock of mountain griffons. Windtuft, a named griffon, is occasionally found nearby.

Several small camps of deathfist orcs are located in Serpent Hills (N) and (NE).
Serpent Hills deathfist camps

Deathfist camps in Serpent Hills (NE)

Neaby a small tree in Serpent Hills (C) a pair of tombstones are shrouded in perpetual mist.
Serpent Hills mountain griffons

Mountain griffons in Serpent Hills (E)

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