Sea of Lions is a zone consisting primary of deserts. It is bounded on the west by Takish'Hiz and on the east by Slithtar Hive. To the north lies Oasis and Ant Colonies is to the south.
Sea of Lions lionguard fort

Lionguard hideout in Sea of Lions (C)

The average mobs in Sea of Lions are of levels 25 to 35.

Points of interestEdit

Throughout the deserts in Sea of Lions are located numerous antlion dens. One den is located in each section of the zone, aside from (C).
Sea of Lions antlion cave

Antlion cave in Sea of Lions (NE)

In Sea of Lions (C) is located the underground hideout of a group of cultists and brigands called the Lionguard. Noteable individuals in the Lionguard include Alchemist Talanzar and Overseer Gennan.
Sea of Lions antlion queen

Captive antlion queen

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