46 Scrolls

Drop at phantoms.

51 Scrolls

Drops off some mobs in Lake Rathe, in that underwater cave.
Envar Top Floors.
Named in the underwater cave in Lake Rathe.
Himlar/Ancient One at Phantoms.
Sometimes you'll get lucky and loot one off various named mobs, like Xinnalagus, King Bardag, ect... 
A named tree near Paineel (Xinnalangus?) 
Ithwutet the named tendoro-buki cat had been very kind to me when it comes to 51 spells.

54 Scrolls

Drops off Kobolks (not Kobolds, the Kobolk scout by SoM)

Kobold Caves.
Earthen Druids.
Drop at Gargoyles.
I think geo citadel mobs (constructs of earth and fire, NOT the granite or magma) 

57 Scrolls

Drops off Xrags, maybe some of the new camps since theres now a global loot table?
Geomancer's Citadel.

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