Locations of the Guild Scribes and Rehabbers

The Scribes have been removed! Something that was really useful and they remove it! Go figure!


Caster Guild Scribes; ALC, MAG, NEC, WIZ, ENC (Muniel's Tea Garden):

» Southeast of Spiritmaster Polston, in the SE quadrant of MTG.

Melee Guild Scribes; BRD, MNK, RAN, RGE (Highpass Hold):

» Along the road, from the west Highpass entrance.

Priest Guild Scribes; CL, DRD, SHA (Darvar Manor):

» Within con range, to the northeast of the coach stable.

Tank Guild Scribes; PAL, SK, WAR (Freeport):

» Follow the coast NORTH from the east Freeport Entrance, to a large rock on shore -- FP (SE).

Rehabilitators (free)

Rehabbers have moved outside the cities.

  • One can be found in Runnyeye, on the road to the Citadal.

  • One can be found in North Ro, on the hill with 2 rocks at the Nashier camp by the ocean, the one with Nashier Hunters

  • One can be found in Blackburrow, on the road to Gnolls Fort. (This one has a good chance to make you beware)

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