Runnyeye is a zone primarily consisting of forest. It is bounded on the west by Merry-by-Water and on the east by Moss Mouth Cavern. To the north lies Misty Thicket and Highpass Hold is to the south.
Runnyeye c

Pickclaw goblins in Runnyeye (C)

Points of interestEdit

The massive goblin fortress of the same name is the major point of interest in Runnyeye. Players characters will typically find adventure in and around Runnyeye Citadel between levels 20 and 30.
Runnyeye Citadel front door

The front entrance to Runnyeye Citadel

Runnyeye zone is accessible from both Misty Thicket in the north and Merry-by-Water to the west. To enter the zone from Misty Thicket, adventurers must pass through Runnyeye Citadel (approaching through the back entrance).

In Runnyeye (SE) a giant floating eye called Xorbb holds in thrall various halflings, goblins, and even minotaurs.
Runnyeye se pyramid

Large pyramid in Runnyeye (SE)

Xorbb and his beholder allies are found in and round a large pit, in which a strange pyramid has been erected.

Goblins from the Pickclaw clan may be found at small camps throughout Runnyeye. As EQOA is set before the traditional Everquest timeline, the Pickclaw have not yet beseieged Runnyeye Citadel, enslaving the goblins (and the beholders of King Xorbb alike).

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