Qeynos is the starting city for Western human player characters. It is located in the zone of the same, Qeynos.
Qeynos city

Map of Qeynos

Points of interestEdit

New recruits in Qeynos are instructed to find like-minded individuals looking for adventure at the city clock tower, but on most servers players met and congregated outside the Last Chance Inn in the early days of EQOA: Classic.
Qeynos Clocktower

The clocktower in the main district of Qeynos

The Anagogical Order is the guild hall for enchanters, magicians, and wizards in Qeynos. Shiassa Radian is the Enchanter Guildmaster for Qeynos. Ammathor Lithkin is the Magician's Guildmaster in Qeynos.
Qeynos Last Chance Inn

The Last Chance Inn outside Qeynos

The Qeynos Guard House is the guild hall for warriors in Qeynos. It is located next to the arena, and nearby Helena's forge, the local blacksmith.

Clerics and paladins in Qeynos train at the Church of Erollisi Marr and Temple of Mithaniel Marr, respectively. A small white rat named Scruffy is known to roam the area nearby the church and temple. The Qeynos 17 sidequest is found in the Temple of Mithaniel Marr, and is initiated from Laressa Nevar.

The Beggar's Quarter features the rogues guild hall. Nearby is the Qeynos Theatre, home of the Qeynos Troupe and guild hall of bards. Thrush Baird is the Bard Guildmaster in Qeynos.

Alchemist's begin in the Noble's district.

Bayle Mansion is the home of Antonious Bayle II, current lord of Qeynos.
Qeynos Bayle Mansion

Bayle Mansion located in the Noble's district of Qeynos

Stable boyEdit

Killing the stable boy nearby the Qeynos coachman was a common pasttime for player characters waiting to find a group, or otherwise congregating outside the Last Chance Inn.
Qeynos stable boy

Stable boy outside of Qeynos