Qeynos is a zone primarily consisting of grasslands, hills, and light forests. The city of Qeynos is found in the (C) and (W) areas of the zone, and is the starting city of Western human player characters. Qeynos is bounded on the east by Hagley (to the west is ocean). To the north lies Whale Hill and Qeynos Prison is to the south.
Qeynos (city)

The city of Qeynos

Points of interestEdit

Beyond the city of Qeynos itself, there is little of note in the zone. Southwest of the city is a small monk monastery, where monk player characters begin.

A small bandit camp is located southwest of the city, led by the bandit lord Nearlik.

Several small gnoll camps are located throughout the zone, one is each of Qeynos (N), Qeynos (NE), Qeynos (E), and Qeynos (SE). They are associated with the level 5 class quest for all player characters starting in Qeynos.
Qeynos gnoll camps

Gnoll camp in Qeynos (NE)

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