Power is a statistic in EQOA that governs usage of special abilities. Each special ability has a static power cost, thus one's power directly reflects the frequency with which special abilities may be used. In the case that special abilities causing damage are employed, there is a direct correlation between power and damage.

Power is an all-inclusive statistic representative of both mana for magic-wielding classes such as magicians and wizards, and energy for physical damage-dealing classes such as rogues and monks.


The following formula is used to calculate power, based on a character's level and power pool statistics.

MP = [28+ (P/10)+(S/20)] * Lvl


  • MP = power, the unknown.
  • P = the primary power pool stat.
  • S = the secondary power pool stat.
  • Lvl = the character's level

The result is truncated (meaning, there is no rounding up or down).

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