Class Path Rehab Locations

Alc: Jethro's Cast(W)

Bards: Temple of Light(N); on top of a hill near the house, where you kill the rogue for the DH 53 quest.

Cleric: Al Karad Ruins(W); West part of the zone at river


Enchanter: Fog Marsh (S); just south of the river and north of a swamp. There is a cave to the east with undead outside and frogloks inside.

Magicians: go to Freezeblood Village right across the river from Tak Frostbiter.

Monks: Mossmouth(E); on a hill by road.

Nec: Collinridge Cemetary (c); se of the castle

Ranger: in Kara Village, S part of zone of kara village if you head sw from the hive you will find on top of a hill


Shadowknight: Ssathis(C); zone on top of hill.

Shaman: Baga Village(C); on top of a big hill, not to far from fort.

Warrior: Brokenskull Rock (S) zone, NPCs: Suinki & Lonvig

Wizard: Trail's End(W); on side of a hill past the town

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