Many magical items and spells exist in the wondrous world of Norrath during the time frame that encompasses EverQuest Online Adventures. One type of enchantment that items can be imbued with is commonly referred to as a "proc". The term "proc" is generally believed to be a shortening of the word "process". In other words, such items go through a process that can fire off at certain (although sometimes random) times as the item is used. Procs typically cause additional damage to the target someone is fighting or cause harm to someone striking a piece of armor. Typically, such effects fall two main categories: Offensive and Defensive.

Defensive procsEdit

Defensive procs are more commonly referred to as damage shields. Damage shields are pretty straight forward and generally go off with each hit and are not affected by the statistics of the character. It should be noted that only one item-driven defensive proc may be in effect on a character at a given time. Accoridngly, wearing two or more such items would not result in two damage shields (however a spell based damage shield, such as those provided by druids, can stack with an item-based damage shield).

In the event that a character is wearing multiple items with defensive procs, the items are examine in a particular order to determine which proc will take precedence and have effect:

  1. Shield
  2. Torso
  3. Legs
  4. Forearm
  5. Gloves
  6. Feet
  7. Head
  8. Waist

For example, if a character has equipped both a shield and a tunic which incur a defensive proc, only the shield's proc will take effect.

Offensive procsEdit

Like defensive procs, offensive procs can also be considered in two categories: Items imbued with a built in proc (such as the sword Dragoneye), and spells that bestow a proc effect on the weilder (such as a Shadowknight's lifetap spells).

Offensive procs may be affected by certain statistics to increase their frequency. Spell-based offensive procs are affected by Intelligence; thus, increasing one's Intelligence statistic will increase the likelihood of a spell-based offensive proc occuring. Conversely, for item-based offensive procs, increasing one's Dexterity will increase the likelihood of an effect proc'ing. It is believed that the rate is approximatel 1% per 10 Dexterity.

In some cases, increasing Intelligence accordingly will increase both the frequency of proc'ing, as well as the damage caused by the proc.

Visual effect of procsEdit

Proc's are typically accompanied by a visual effect that indicate the proc has taken effect. For instance, a striking a character with a damage shield will typically display a small fireball effect each time he or she is struck.

Crafted items with proc effectsEdit

The following crafting reagents incur a proc effect of some kind:

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