Wiz - Lightning Column, upgrade by any wiz, LR based AOE

Monk - Mending of Nife, Sensei upgrade, 1k self heal to monk, can become targetable with sensei target heals.

Mage - Lightning Storm, no upgrade, LR based AOE

Bard - Hymn of Nife, any bard can upgrade thru cm's, 106 base HoT tick on group, about 150 if upgraded via cm's

Alc - Wonderous Vaccination, no upgrade?, allows alc to create a tradable tonic with either 65 pr/dr

Cleric - Purifying Winds of Nife(AoE Cure) , Cure Mystical Plague(cures POX), no upgrade for either

Nec - Largesse of Plague, no upgrade, buffing a pet has a 650 proc instead of 575 from soul mastery.

Sha - Blizzard of Karana, no upgrade, CR based DoT

Druid - Briarshield, no upgrade, targetable 84 dmg a hit shield.

Paladin - Rodchet's touch, no upgrade, a heal that continues the 27 line of heals, except with a 10% cha mod. the other heals have a 5% cha mod.

War - Immortal Skin, upgrade by Defender, about 25 more ac than mithril skin. If you go defender, it can be upgraded to a 200% wis modded spell with a 1000 AC base self AC buff

SK - Hand of Bertoxxulous or Curse, upgrade by Slayer

Ranger - Lightning Arrow, no upgrade, elemental LR bow attack

Enchanter - Stormlord's Touch, buffed to a target is a 300+ int based proc, can be upgraded to storm lord's touch via spellbinder MCA

Rogue - Electrified blade, spell that continues the poisoned blade line.

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