The Bard, Monk, Ranger, and Rogue make up this archetype. Melee characters usually wear armor that is lighter than tanks, but heavier than casters, giving them a mid-range boost to their defense. Offensively, melee characters can dish out huge amounts of burst damage, most notably rogues, and must be careful not to over-aggro their target while in a group setting. Although called 'melee', these classes are not always restricted to close-range combat; in particular, the Ranger can utilize the bow to tremendous effect. The Bard and Rogue both possess a few minor offensive spells that they can use at range, and even one of the Monk's master class abilities is a ranged attack.

Master Classes (Archetype)Edit

All four archetypes possess two unique master classes that only characters whose class is within that archetype can unlock. These master classes typically have much higher requirements to achieve than a normal master class, but can provide extremely powerful benefits for particular playstyles.

The two archetype master classes available to melee are: Bravo and Gypsy Were-Hunter.

Special Requirements: Bravo's Brawn 3, Bravo's Grace 3, Bravo's Knack 3, Bravo's Toughness 3, 200 STR, 200 STA, 200 AGI, 200 DEX.

  • STR MAX: +50
  • STA MAX: +50
  • AGI MAX: +50
  • DEX MAX: +50
  • HP FACTOR: +1
  • PoT: +25
  • OFF MOD: +4

Obtaining the Bravo master class tag unlocks the following CMs for purchase:

  • Bravo's Dance: Adds: Bravo's Dance: 350 AoE DMG (+200% DEX). ?? PWR. ? cast, ? recast.
  • Poise: Adds: Poise: Buffs the caster with +50 STR, +50 STA, +50 AGI, +50 DEX. ?? PWR, ?? duration. ? cast, ? recast.

Special Requirements: Arcane Rejuvination, Arcane Regeneration, Heroic Wit 3, 250 AGI, 100 INT, Were-Hunter Quest (see below).

  • AGI MAX: +50
  • INT: +50
  • DEF MOD: +2
  • OFF MOD: +1
  • HoT: +10

Obtaining the Gypsy Were-Hunter master class tag unlocks the following CMs for purchase:

  • Stake: Adds Stake: Deals ?? DMG. ?? PWR. Instant cast. ?? second recast. This ability requires a wooden stake to use (purchasable at the Oasis of Marr).
  • Gypsy Traditions: +25 STA, +25 AGI, +25 DEX, +25 INT, +25 FR, +25 AR, +10 Movement Rate.

In order to unlock the Gypsy Were-Hunter tag, a player must complete the first Were-Hunter related quest starting at level 30, and become "branded". This will permanently prevent them from becoming infected by lycanthropes, and allow them to unlock were-hunter related CMs, including the Gypsy Were-Hunter tag at level 55 (assuming all other pre-requisites have been met).

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