Mayfly Glade is a zone primarily consisting of forests. It is bounded on the west by Spider Mine and on the east by Forkwatch. To the north lies Blakedown and Urglunt's Wall is to the south.
Mayfly Glade

Mayfly Glade

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Mayfly Glade:

  • Griffawn
  • Glinadal druid
  • Glinadal ranger
  • Undead druid
  • Undead ranger

Points of interestEdit

Mayfly Glade is a heavily forested zone. It is the home to the Glinadal, a secretive tribe of rangers and druids. The main Glinaldal fort is located in Mayfly Glade (W), and an additional Glinaldal outpost is located along the river in Mayfly Glade (SE). The Glinaldal incur no faction penalties when killed, making it possible to XP on them with no fear of recourse.
Mayfly Glade rangers

Glinaldal fort in Mayfly Glade (C)

Directly south of the Glinaldal fort is a similar structure, however this one is burned our and overrun with undead rangers and druids. The named skeleton Kavraith spawns in this fort.
Mayfly Glade undead fort

Undead fort in Mayfly Glade (S)

The fearsome bear, Strongpaw, roams the forests in western Mayfly Glade.

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