Jethro's Cast is a zone consisting primarily of forest. It is bounded on the west by Wyndhaven and on the east by Surefall Glade. To the north lies Twisted Tower (although not directly accessible due to impassable mountain wall) and Crethley Manor is to the south.
Jethro's Cast widow's lair

Cave Widow's lair in Jethro's Cast

The following mobs are frequently encountered in Jethro's Cast:

  • Gnoll Fisherman

Points of interestEdit

In Jethro's Cast (C) is found the town of Jethro's Pike.

In Jethro's Cast (W) is a small cave inhabited by cave widows. The stationary cave widow spawns within the cave are all placeholder mobs for the Queen Widow.

Slightly south of the spider cave is a small gnoll fortress, also in Jethro's Cast (W). These gnolls do not appear to be aligned with either those of Blackburrow or Slesher.
Jethro's Cast gnoll fortress

Gnoll fortress in Jethro's Cast (W)

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