Name of Item

Stats and Info

Drop Location

Great Breastplate of Illarsin

No proc, just high AC, and a nice dark green color.

drop at the level 50-55 ratmen in Cape Dreg (N).


Davoh's dirk

lvl 60-secondary 690 damage 40 str 10 sta 125 power 100

Poison proc (for me) all classes but healer and monk

Dropped of davoh the dark or somethin like that in solusek


Woodland Wand

Classes: Wizard, Necromancer, Magician, Enchanter

Races: Human, Gnome, Erudite, Elf, Dark Elf

Slot: Primary Weapon Type: One Hand Slash DAMAGE: 460

Item Level: 46 Max Item HP: 9200 Durability: 50

Named Undead at Dshinn's redoubt


Imperial armor sets

All drop in an underwater cave in Lake Rathe zone (C).


Phasing Crown Drops

Nasehir bandits in al farak ruins


Desert Moon

Lvl 20ish, Deathfist Myrmidons west of MTG


Enoob's Shield

Healer shield, wis +20, POW +50, PoT +10, and 2 resists +10... NTL



Channerler's Robe

General Frostbeard, down in the bottom of Vox's Castle.


Fyrebland Warblade

Boss Zurg, Mount Hatespike. bloodfoot heavy/bandit camp bloodfoot cave


Club of Curdling Souls

Primary, Proc UK



Coldwind robe

Blackburrow, off one of the Gnolls upstairs right after you go in the front door, not down in the cave.


Brimfire Tunic (Mnk only)

70 Dur, and +15 to dex and stam.

Lake Rathe C. There is an island with Tortured Guardians and Frenzied Protectors, one wandering Wisp/ Tortured Elemental.


Elemental Gear ( castor armor )

Lake Rathe C. There is an island with Tortured Guardians and Frenzied Protectors, one wandering Wisp/ Tortured Elemental.


Elemental short sword

Procs 100

Lake Rathe C. There is an island with Tortured Guardians and Frenzied Protectors, one wandering Wisp/ Tortured Elemental.


Odylic Dagger

Procs mana,

Drop: In the hill area east of Murnf.


Vortex Blade

Equip: primary Att: 1HS DMG: 570 HP: 11050 DUR: 50

Race: ALL Class: WAR RAN PAL SK BRD RGE Level: 49

STR: 24 DEX: 5 HPMax: 70 CR: 5 LR: 20

Drops: Old world water mobs, Ancient Krakens, Ancient Dragon eels and such. Part of the Vortex set of armor, I would guess that its R or UR.


Etheric gear

Etheric Plate Belt STA 15, DEX 15, HP 100, AC 57

Etheric Necklace WIS 15. HP 100, AC 15, PR 15, AR 25

Etheric Earring INT 15, HP 100, DR15, AR 25

Etheric Ring STR 15, HP 100, AC 15, FR 15, AR 25

Etheric Plate Boots STA 15, WIS 15, HP 100, AC 145

Etheric Plate Greaves STA 18, WIS 18, HP 110, AC 279

Etheric Plate Gloves STA 15, WIS 15, HP 100, AC 205

Etheric Plate Bracers STA 18, WIS 18, HP 110, AC 218

Etheric Plate armor has no resists, but great HP and decent STA and WIS.

Chance to nerf certain casting types.

Drops at Envar.


Pyromancer's Robe


Sta 10; Int 25; Pow 125; FR 25; LR 5

drops in Solusek's Eye.


Club of Conversion

level 34 481 damage Str 13 and cha 13 w/ +20 hp and power



Hydrunax stinger harpoon

drops off of a rare named manta ray in Erud's Crossing zone guessed it "The Hydrunax"


Black Blade Fury

drops off a named cat, Taubur Arbitur, on the island that's sort of between moots and harpies...I think its like north of the harpy cave


Robe of the anointed

Drops at IoD.


Coralium Chestplate

Yes, Kerra Isle(NW) is correct. There are three different groups down inside the statue-the gladiators on the left, priestesses in the center, and maidens on the left. My recommendations is to kill the two guardians that run at you when you enter and hold the corpses fresh. All of the other mobs inside cannot come out of the water, so make sure no one stands in there except the tank(makes it easy to hold aggro). There are rare spawns in each section of the chamber(champion on right, high priestess in center, and seer on left)-the seer is the nastiest of the bunch(wizard). The rare spawns will always drop a fathom guardian piece of jewelry and 50% of the time another nice item. .The rare spawns also drop some very very nice wands such as the deepsong verge. Just some hints as to how to fight. -Vader420


Deepsong Verge (wand),

Kerra Isle(NW) down inside the statue. rare spawns drops the wand.


Rhino Axe of lighting

No stats, like 200 proc, 770 damage

drop off ratman in cape dreg north.


Insidious scythe

guards in ZK


Crimson Scythes

'Tae Ew' mobs in Cazic Thule zone.


Sharkskin Robe

Stone crabs in SOM


Butterfly Winged Robe

Cyclop's Gate


Tower of woe

saerk the betrayer


Spore enrusted pendant

Fungal Hunters/Cavaliers


The Circlet of Cognizance, I got in 2 spots, one was hexbones, the other one was the brownie/druid/pixie village in NE Salisearaneen. I assume it's just a generic loot drop, off the 40-45 mob sets. - RigorMortis


The Oppalline Bracelet, I have gotten in many spots. Another generic loot drop, jsut off 45-50. Some places I have looted this, is in CT, in Perma, at IoD, and just recently I had gotten one off of a passing rhino in Odus. - RigorMortis


Ancient Mariners Harpoon

Narticus is only up for about 45 min when he does spawn. He swims out into the open ocen then comes beack inland and despawns. The drops seem to be : eye, eye, harpoon. Also he spawns twice a day. There is no set time, but I have had him spawn 5 min after killing him once, just to have him not spawn for 24 hours after that. Your best bet is to stand at the rib cage and camp, as that is where he begins his journey.

Spawns in Elemental Towers (W) -Ranelen


Shield of piety

10 Wisdom 10 Dexterity 10 Charisma 10 Stamina

75 Hp 445 AC Level 58

Kappa Guard on the front bridge. Then I went and sold it for 2 mil. - EnalofCLW

Geo Citadel


Elemental Weave

Lake Rathe (W/C) on a hill with a stone shaped like a T. There are caster/melee mobs named Frenzied Protector and Tortured Gaurdians that drop it, along with Brimfire items (Monk only). Everyone once and a while a Madened Conjuror spawns and drops elemental shield of might along with some others such as the wand and staff.


Flashfreeze Wand

procs 100. CR based.

Got at DFC - Mangkukulam


Great Sword of the Elddar

level 23

Dropped at scarecrows near Darvor Manor, so it could have either been the crazed experiments near Jared's Tower or the camp of scarecrows south of Darkwood. There are various references to the sword dropping from Darkwood Goblin Warmasters. - Burkin

I have had this sword drop twice at the catamount (sp) outside of wyndhaven. - superLoyd


Goblin's assassin dirk

It procs for 1500 on most mobs, just not very often. Its does extra dmg to certain mobs. - Zopudopu

Just go to the new gob camp. They drop a lot there. - TearofForevr


Robe of Awes

LEVEL: 45 EQUIP: ROBE HP: 10850/10850 DUR: 50


Int: 30 Cha: 15 POW: 25 AR: 15 AC: 20

There are actually 2 Robe of Awes. One is hlr only(maybe even CL only) and the other Is enc only. The hlr only robe is or was pretty commen pre fronts. The enc only is extremely rare due to the fact most people don't know where to farm it and those that do know dont wanna lose the faction from the mobs that drop it(ZK Gaurds) - jakkon

Dropped awhile ago off of a great worm north of ZK. - RigorMortis


Ancient Granite Mace

A DoT proc...

Dshinns (named undead).



no proc

Drops at Castle Felstar, undead south of FP.


Tobrim's eyepatch

+20 int/wis is nice as well, and it's graphicless. the eyepatch usually transfers the aggro off of the necro onto something else.

looted my Eyepatch off of Snowgrin. - RigorMortis


Bone Gaurd

drop in Castle Felstar off of random roaming mobs


Starless Night

Pitch Black

HP: 13000 DUR: 50 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO ERU

Class: WIZ Level: 60

STA: 15 DEX: 25 Power: 150 AC: 14

Drops from Sarek the Betrayer


Twisted Bone Haft

PRIMARY LVL 37 War Ran Pal SK Mnk Brd Rge

1HB 370 Dmg 50 Dur

5 STA -10 AC 1 AGI 3 DEX

Proc? yes.

Drops; Night Wolf at Atesh-ah Keepers. And Unkempt forest.


Death Rattle

mansion at Twisted Towers.


Crystalline Orb

Steps to obtain the crystalline orb -by Fission: Edit Text

1. Head to the freezeblood village where Tak spawns (Freezeblood Village E, just head E from Halas until you find the river, then follow the river S until you see the village on the E bank of the river).

2. Note who else is there (sometimes you can go from 2 minutes to 2 days and be alone at that camp, but sometimes each igloo will be camped separately).

3. Kill and loot ALL of the clerics that spawn BEHIND the crystals in each igloo.

4. Await for Tak to spawn behind one of these crystals where the clerics have been spawning.

5. Kill and loot Tak multiple times. You will know when he has the shield since he will have it equipped when he drops it.

In between cleric PH kills and whacking Tak only to find a lousy necklace or a pair of boots where the shield should be, you can do whatever to pass the time. No one spawn (besides the aforementioned clerics) will affect Tak's spawn. I just simply sit and wait to kill the placeholders and Tak himself and watch TV in between, as I feel it's a waste of time to kill the others, but some decent level 16-20 gear does drop there, so it's also not a bad farming spot either. I can remember getting a few Monk only rares along with a pair of SK and Nec only bracers.

While they're wasting their time figuring out tricks to spawn him and what to kill, those who know simply wait for the clerics to spawn. The only help I can give you regarding which igloo Tak might spawn in is that once he spawns (9 times out of 10 anyway) he usually won't spawn in the same igloo twice in a row.


Bruinen's Kilt - The Barbarian only kilt Edit Text

I stumbled across this guy in East Murnf. He was KOS and light blue to me at 56.

He sometimes drops a kilt, Barbarian only. -Singz


Coat of Jagged rust...ranger only tunic

has a Damage Shield

Dropped while killing trolls in Brokenskull Rock.


Prophet Grug (Thedruk) drops the following items:

1. Grug's Staff: DMG 136, ATT 2HB, HP 2200/2200, DUR 50, RACE GNOME, CLASS CLERIC, LVL 20, NO TRADE.





Boltug's Blade

Lv21 Dam293 Dur60?

Sta10 Str10 FR15

Pal / War / Sk only 2hand

TheDruk, Boss Boltug.


Scalebound Tome

Drops at Qeynos Prison, itz a global UR drop. Levels 15-22.


Windblasted Armor

drop off that DF/nashier camp north of mtg.


Bulwarking armor

greaves from the bird tower in ZK.

got a bulwarking cage bp a long time dropped off a majorkahn giant in box canyons. Not the named either, just a roamer.I think it's like tunarian in that it drops alot of places..VERY rarely.


Poison Tipped Weapons



Jade Totem

Drops in Guk off of the Evoker, who spawns near the captain.

You know where the guy who drops SS of Ykesha is? in that section, in the main room there is a pillar. A named spawns on both sides of this pillar, one of them is hte Evoker.


Staff of Maiming

drop once at the DFC camp north of MTG. Global R-UR drop.

Jade Inlaid Staff

Drops: Jade Hornfly in Guk


Writ of the Wild

Unkempt Druids/Rangers (Unkempt North) drop it


Legacy of Averyth

mobs in Takish'Hiz drop it.


Mishmash Plate Chestplate

Darkwood,. taskmasters or warmasters.


Necklace of Bewilderment

IOD, random drop


Darkstar Breastplate



Dragon Eye

Lv 50 135 proc, primary

drops off Snowgrin in Perma Castle.


Whirlwind Staff

Classes: Wizard, Necromancer, Magician, Enchanter

Races: Human, Gnome, Erudite, Elf, Dark Elf

Slot: Primary Weapon Type: Two Hand Blunt DAMAGE: 355

Item Level: 30 Max Item HP: 6000 Durability: 50

Description: This staff holds the power of the desert sands, a force not easily reckoned with.

droped off a scarab near just slightly NW of MTG.


Granite Chestguard

Drops with Reaver Thoran in Solusek's Eye.


Ungrim's Tunic

It's level 48, War/SK/Pal/CL, has 44 WIS, and 288 AC.

Geomancer's Citadel, Dropped off of a Fiery Basilisk.


Ungrim bow and helm

drops A LOT in the kobolk clan cave


Boneduke's boots and Bracers and Cage(BP)



Drape of the Dessicator

Level 50 sta 15 dex 14 ho 68 ac 32 fr 15 cr 14

Drops off Zin the Dessicator on IoD



2HS +55 STR, +55 DEX,

drops off skayhir


Rootweave Tunic

Lvl 47 Healer AC 147 Wis 20 Dex 20

Drop from a mummy east of Ft. Alliance, not too far from the river.


Syphor's sickle

Inferno drakes from Box Canyon

snow griffs near ZK

mammoths in Anu (s)


Calanin's Vestment

drops off a named in SE.


Martial Band

lvl 50 all/all 50dur 150hp 15sta 15ac

ice giant refuges, Goblin in Permafrost


Terrorstrike Knuckles

They drop off the mobs by where the Dawn Maiden spawns - go south of Arc. Follow the mountains around and you will eventually find a canyon maze. In the maze there is a lake with an island on it.


Scorchfire Stiletto

They drop off the mobs by where the Dawn Maiden spawns - go south of Arc. Follow the mountains around and you will eventually find a canyon maze. In the maze there is a lake with an island on it.


Templars Robe (off the Arisen Templars)

They drop off the mobs by where the Dawn Maiden spawns - go south of Arc. Follow the mountains around and you will eventually find a canyon maze. In the maze there is a lake with an island on it.



100 proc, 2hand column

Drops off king in guk and with horror


Flamberge of Horror

Drops off of gobs in Perma


Dark Ring of Wonder

Drops off the dragon Toxxulia


Ice wand and Ice necklace.

drop from the Snowfist villagers in Snowfist.


Obtenebrate gear

black plate (26-28) that clerics can use. I know that Helm, BP, gauntlets, boots, and bracers exist, but haven't seen greaves yet. It drops at bloodfoots, bandits, and gnolls that I know of.


Mistweave Shroud

drop at the fungusmen cave right outside of blackwater

drop off mobs in Guk


Robe of Awe

dropped awhile ago off of a great worm north of ZK


Gore Reaver

Drop SE


Badland Leggings

Level 58 Alc only

Sta15 Wis15 HP 90 Ac156 PR30

The class specific legging's drop from the fire archon at construct's and the earth archon drops the class specific Tunic's n BPs. And, grundle drops the class specific bracers.


Embedded Torso, a red melee tunic

drops off of PoD, off common mobs, UR drop


All All Charm Stone 50 charges

drop CT.


Lost Knife of the arane

Naggy drop


Traiterous BP - SK only

earth archon


Bashers shield

lvl 58, STR 42, DR 25, AC 508

PoD drop. Common critters there


Warbone Claymore

Is a very UR drop at Minos


Champion Greatsword

drop in DFC


Sand Mauler

drop in dfc


Templar (capital T) level 50

IoD drop


Earring of the Weaver (dex 25, sta 20, hp 100, ac 10)

kappa elite , or pariah in EG


Devotee's sheild



Ancient Robe



Envaric Salve Scroll Level 50

Any mob in Envar city.


Bow of Turtlekind

drops off Raphfael or some sort, a named ninja turtla that roams the black market.


Shroud of the Passing

Atesh-ah camp, kill one of the ritualist. Eventually, the Embalmer will spawn, drops the ward, crown, and shroud.


Deathbind wand

Cultist place where you do 43's( 45's or 47's


Enoob Shield (Healer)

drops at Cyclops


Black feather belt

healer only NTL

drops at kappa castle


Dull Red Orb - 50 int, 140 pow - Caster level 60

Drops from Klick or Klack, the smaller one, at kappa castle


Sharkskin Robe

drops off the tiny undead islands in broken skull rock.

and a stone crab in SOM.


Staff of the jade forest

drops off nagafen.


Runed broadsword

drops Siloths


Shining steel helm



Blue Scale gear



Bloodshade Robe

at minotaurs.


Bloodshade Orb

Aviak Village (C-S) More Southish, aviaks start to appear tho in the C section. The aviak that dropped it for me was a Ragel High Guard.


Ice Wand

Freezeblood Warriors/Berserkers


Robe of the Master

drops off of Tyrant who is the boss mob on the end of the rain chain.


Gear Crafter's Hammer; primary, 1HB, DMG: 640, HP: 12605 DUR: 60, Race: GNO, Class: ALL, Level: 60

STA: 35, HPMax: 100, AR: 35

Description: A hammer used by gnome tinkers.

Drops in SE.


Winds of Ro Cowl - Hat worn by Dru, Mnk, Alc. drops in DFC

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