To set a hotkey up.

Hit R2 then go to the hotkey you want to change and hold down then arow key until a action list comes up. Then, go to edit action and type in what you want it to say. - Kinnden

To help you with your messages here are some of the "codes" for use in your messages.

%1=your charater name

%2=your characters level

%3=your chatacters class

%4=whatever you have targeted.

Some sample messages to have hot keyed are:

%2 %3 LFG!

%4 could I please get a SoW?

List Of Hotkeys

Gathered By Singz

%4 incoming AvA enjoy your moment of greatness!! =)

I'm ready to die for the cause!

Ask somone whos not afk.

Hey I'm a Nec ask RsD.

I'm a Nec not healer.


%4 your ass is crisp!

Well gang it looks like were dealing with one sick S.O.B!

When life gives you lemons %4, eat your god dam lemons!

Holy were cow! bat man its a %4

Low on health/power Oh well bye! (ports out)

Have at thee, %4!

%4, you shall be honored this day with the gift of combat!

%4, today you die by my sword, but the good news is I saved money on my auto insurance with Geico.

Hello%4, maybe you recognize me from "Gnomes Gone Wild

Beware %4, I can cast abilities on dead creatures...

%4, you are now getting veeerrrry sleeeeeepy....

It's always %4 this and %4 what about my feelings?

No means no %4 I will not have sex with you!

Look! Itz the foulest toon in the game, but enough about me, Hail %4

DiCK for sale! Call %4 NEVER USED! Small and dirty!

if %4 has an ass ill kick it

So %4, what would you do for a Klondice bar? ::wink wink::

I'm ready to stand here while you guys kick ass!

%4 I hope you like Accupuncture....

Practice falling down %4, ill be with u in a moment!

%4 just lay down and die, and save me the work!

%4 I swear I didn't know she was your sister!

I have come here to chew gum, and kill %4, and I'm all outta gum!

How to Prepare %4. Pound against tank till tender, Nuke at 1150 till done

%4 you have crossed the line, your nuts are mine

%4 In The Words of The Immortal Scorpion "Get Over Here"

Mmm! Looks like %4 steaks tonight!

I will take off my boots and kill %4 with the smell.

Hello Mr. %4, please wail on me while my team kills you. Thanks!

No, No, No, %4, you want the healer, here, I'll show you.

I just stepped in some %4 poo, so I know we're close.

(Throws rock at %4) (Points at tank)

Help %4 is stealing my underpants!

%4 assume the possition IT LOOKS LIKE FULL CAVITY SEARCH.

Don't look at me like that %4.. I'm not that kind of bear!

Sleep well, %4, for the next time you will wake will be in hell!

Don't worry %4, You'll respawn in a minute!

%4 we're just two lost souls swimmin in a fish bowl...

Fat bottomed %4 you make the rockin' world go round!

Hello! My name is %1, you killed my Father %4, prepare to die!

If loving %4 is wrong, I don't wanna be right, I mean.. Gah

Hey Honey, whats for dinner? Why its %4 Surprise!

%4 I'm going to open an industrial size can o' whoop azz

Beam me up Scotty %4 is not intelligent

%4, the bad new is, your dead, the good news is, I saved 15% with geico

Remember, %4. Your life is forfeit to my whim.

Man that %4 looks gay, it must play FFXI

Bad %4! No more Neverland sleepovers for you!

Why do you cry out to your god %4, your life is in my hands

%4 if at first you dont succeed, keep on suckin till you do suck seed

%4 is cursed, may the fleas of 1000 reindeer rest in its genitals!

How's my healing, %4? Call 1 800 CLERIC REZ.

Here... ----(@ a rose for you %4!

%4, who is your daddy and what does he do?

WARNING, carbonizing everything within 10' of %4!

Run!!, Women and Rangers first!

Just because I'm a female char, doesn't mean I am one. So stop flirting with me %4

MEDIC! I need a naked nurse badly!

RUN! All I wanna see is ass and elbows!

%4 has been reported for harrasment. %4 touched my privates.

You like my new Boots of Ass Stomping %4? Here take a closer look!

Hey %4...I'm going to club you like a baby seal.

%4 your name should be campbells cause you're mmm mmm good!

Hey %4, how's your wife and my kids!

Listen here %4, Nobody puts baby in the cormer.

I think %4 is sleepin, he must think he is Pollux.

Well it doesn't suck itself %4, on your knees please.

Excuse me %4, do I have poop stuck to my fur?

My greeting: %4, I'm easy and unsafe!

%4, I'm within my rights to do dispatch you with extreme prejudice!

Would you like to spoon with me %4?

Silly %4 agro is for tanks

%4 touched me where I pee.

You in da jungle %4!!! You gonna die!!!!!

Help! %4 just told me he's Michael Jackson and wants to tie my shoes!

%4 does deep kneebends in cucumber patches.

Dont just stand there %4 kill something

%4 you better watch out or I'll tell Michael Jackson where your kids live!

No time for a witty oneliner %4 , time to die

Sorry, %4 I dont speak noob.

I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your bed rock %4.

Aw, %4, I'm gonna have to put you on my "To Do" List!

Feel free to take a look at my %4 stomping boot!!

OH MY GOD! %4 doesn't have a belly button.

C'mon %4! That all you got! You hit like a pally!

Fuk you %4 your gonna die

Hey %4 that %2 %3 %1 is a bad mother fuker

Save the trees! Wipe your ass with %4!

%4 You couldn't Hold Aggro if it was STAPLED to you forehead!!

I'm Stoned, Zoned, And Ready To Get It On!

%4 has been reported for harrasment. %4 touched my privates.

MEDIC! I need a naked nurse badly!

My Bologna has a first's %4!

It's not about you %4, it's about me, and I want you dead.

%4 please excuse me while I practice my skills on your back.

Be veeerrrrrryyy quiet... I'm hunting %4


Sorry I get a little grumpy when I dont get my morning %4

Rub my belly %4, ahh right there....HEY HEY! watch where your ruubbing (gets up and bites %4 on the butt) me(winks)

Do not run %4, you will make me walk to your corspe!

NEWB DOWN! NEWB DOWN! wheres the damn healer.

I'm not fat %4 it's all this hair, it makes me look poofy.

(throws rock at %4) (points at tank)....(picks up another one...)

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