The Cleric, Druid, and Shaman make up this archetype. The armor a healer character wears depends on their class; druids and shaman wear leather, while clerics wear plate-mail. The primary job of the healer is to keep everyone in the group alive, remove posions and diseases whenever possible, and resurrect fallen group members should someone die. Healer characters are not entirely defensive however, and can produce decent offensive capabilities at their disposal when needed; clerics especially can ravage undead creatures, while druids have an almost wizard-like array of single target spells (albeit far less damaging). Healers are also able to debuff targets in various ways, particularly the Shaman, who can lower a mob's strength and stamina. Meanwhile, a cleric can cause harm to a foe, either when it attacks or when it is attacked.

Druids and Shaman also possess the ability to shapeshift into wolf and bear forms respectively. These forms are mostly defensive, increasing their health by a considerable amount, but also giving them greater melee damage (though not significantly so). The druid can also shapeshift into various other forms, including bixies, brownies, satyrs, and treants.

Even while not in a group, healers may still be called upon for various minor services while in town. All three healers have the ability to resurrect a single target, returning them back to where they died previously. Players seeking to complete a quest on their own might request defensive buffs. Both druids and shaman have an iconic and frequently sought after spell known as 'Spirit of the Wolf', or 'SoW', which grants a single target increased movement speed for a lengthy duration (or until they attack/perform an offensive action.)

Much like tanks, healers tend to have a very active role within their group, and should prepare accordingly by stocking up on drinks. It is also helpful to know when to heal a target so as to conserve on mana, as well as to prevent pulling aggro from the tank.

Master Classes (Archetype)Edit

All four archetypes possess two unique master classes that only characters whose class is within that archetype can unlock. These master classes typically have much higher requirements to achieve than a normal master class, but can provide extremely powerful benefits for particular playstyles.

The two archetype master classes available to melee are: Diviner and Divine Were-Hunter.

Special Requirements: Diviner's Form 3, Diviner's Fortitude 3, Diviner's Presence 3, Diviner's Wisdom 3, 250 WIS.

  • WIS MAX: +50
  • CHA MAX: +50
  • CHA: +50
  • PWR: +500
  • PoT: +25

Obtaining the Diviner master class tag unlocks the following CMs for purchase:

  • Divine Touch: Adds: Divine Touch: 1400 STACK HEAL (+25% CHA).
  • Soothing Prayer: +50 CHA MAX, +50 CHA, +500 PWR. Adds: Soothing Prayer: Hate reduction spell. (Other information unknown.)

Special Requirements: Arcane Rejuvination, Arcane Regeneration, Divine Might 3, 250 WIS, 100 INT, Were-Hunter Quest (see below).

  • WIS MAX: +50
  • STR: +65
  • STA: +15
  • HoT: +10
  • PoT: +10
  • DEF MOD: +2

Obtaining the Divine Were-Hunter master class tag unlocks the following CMs for purchase:

  • Burning Blow: Adds Burning Blow: Deals ?? DMG (+?? STR, +?? WIS). ?? PWR. Instant cast. ?? second recast.
  • Unyielding Dedication: +25 STA, +25 DEX, +25 WIS, +250 HP, +1 OFF MOD.

In order to unlock the Divine Were-Hunter tag, a player must complete the first Were-Hunter related quest starting at level 30, and become "branded". This will permanently prevent them from becoming infected by lycanthropes, and allow them to unlock were-hunter related CMs, including the Divine Were-Hunter tag at level 55 (assuming all other pre-requisites have been met).

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