Hazinak is a zone primarily consisting of desert. It is bounded on the west by Slithtar Hive and on the east by open sea. To the north lies Elemental Towers and Guk is to the south.

The town of Hazinak in Hazinak (C)

The average mobs in Hazinak are of levels 20 to 30.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Hazinak:

  • Cinder Hornet
  • Death Rattler
  • Deathfist Mystic
  • Mariner Ghoul
  • Rattle Snake
  • Sand Worm
  • Scarab

Points of interestEdit

The town of Hazinak itself is located in Hazinak (C). The town is home to the operations of several tier'dal families, and is the southern most influence of the tier'dal in Tunaria.

Across the river and just south of the town of Hazinak is Hazinak outpost, which features a good-aligned coachman.
Hazinak outpost

Hazinak outpost

Several troll camps are located throughout Hazinak. These camps are training grounds for troll crusaders.
Hazinak troll crusader camp

Troll crusader camp in Hazinak (W)

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