Blakedown town
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Forest
Named Mobs: Bloodpaw
The Howler
Borders: N: Crethley Manor
E: Bear Cave
S: Druid's Watch
W: Qeynos

Hagley is a zone consisting primarily of plains and light forests. It is bounded on the west by Qeynos and on the east by Bear Cave. To the north lies Crethley Manor and Druid's Watch is to the south.


The average mobs in Wyndhaven are of levels 5 to 20.

The following mobs are typically encountered in Hagley:

  • Froglok scout
  • Froglok ton
  • Gnoll pup
  • Gnoll runt
  • Grave spider
  • Tomb rat

In the early days of EverQuest Online Adventures, Hagley was commonly the first zone visited by adventurers hailing from Qeynos, as several of the early quest lines in this city directed players to this nearby zone.

Points of interestEdit

In Hagley (C) is Hagley Keep, the residence of the current lord of Hagley. The keep is surrounded by a small pirahna infested moat.

Deceased villagers of Hagley were entombed in a tomb in Hagley (SE). In the early days of EQOA: Classic, players commonly hunted within this so-called "rat tomb" for XP. It was also the site of a number of quests for Western Human player characters, sent to retrieve the remains of ill-fated adventurers, such as Wyna, who now haunts the tomb as Wyna the Hateful.

A small gathering of bandits may be found in the hills in Hagley (NW).

Grend Darkmaw is a gnoll who roams the countryside just outside of the village of Hagley. In the early days of EQOA: Classic it was not uncommon for Grend to be pulled into the center of town, where he would repeatedly kill new player characters venturing into the village.

Rare mobsEdit

A wolf named Bloodpaw is known to the hills in northern Hagley. He is the source of the much sought-after Bloodpaw Robe.

Nearby the Hagley tomb, in Hagley (SE) and (S), a wandering gnoll called The Howler roams the land, ambushing those villagers who stray too far from the guards' watchful eyes.


The following quests involve travel to and within Hagley:

  • More info to come


Hagley Keep
Hagley rat tomb

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