Grenal is a gnoll that spawns in the Slesher outpost in Surefall Glade (SE).


As a Gnoll Necromancer, Grenal is a rare sight indeed - as gnolls bury or burn their dead as soon as possible. Those that linger among corpses are distrusted in current gnoll society, which forced Grenal to find somewhere else to practice his art, alone. Along with a small retinue of animated gnoll corpses, he found the ruins of an elvish outpost that had been destroyed centuries ago. He built upon these ruins his own fortress and began studying again. However, without a constant supply of corpses, he could not continue his work easily.

Grenal began a campaign to gather followers from Blackburrow. He knew there were gnolls who were outcasts, and he used his prior experience to identify with these outcasts and bring them to him. He preached that one day the small would rise up against the large and stupid, and rule the land. It doesn't take much to persuade a gnoll, and soon after he had a sizable army of gnolls, ready to die for their "cause" and rise again as the true soldiers Grenal had planned all along. Gnoll outcasts are small and weak as compared to normal gnolls, but once dead, they all fight the same.

Grenal realizes that he cannot command an army on his own, and the undead need someone else to do their thinking for them. He has employed the help of a few individuals to deal with the lesser concerns involved in the maintenance of an army.


Grenal has no known unique loot.

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