Goldfeather Eyrie is a zone consisting primarily of tundra. It is bounded on the west by Freezeblood Village and on the east by Snafitzer's House (although inaccessible due to impassable mountain wall). To the north lies Snowfist and Moradhim, home of the dwarves, is to the south.
Goldfeather Eyrie

Aviak village in Goldfeather Eyrie (C)

The average mobs in Goldfeather Eyrie are of levels 10 to 20.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Goldfeather Eyrie:
Goldfeather aviak

Goldfeather aviak

  • Aviak Basher
  • Aviak Thrasher
  • Aviak Warrior
  • Brown bear cub
  • Freezing gust
  • Frost elemental
  • Frost owl
  • Ice elemental
  • Icy wind
  • Spiritfeather aviak
  • Strongtalon aviak
  • Wolf rat
  • Wooly spider
  • Young wolf

Points of InterestEdit

Goldfeather Eyrie is the northern home of the aviak, with the main village located in Goldfeather Eyrie (C). Unlike their southern brethern, who are led by various aviak elders, the northern aviak are led by the village's Aviak Skylord and Aviak Heirophant. South of the village, along the mountain wall is a large gathering of aviak thrashers and aviak bashers.
Goldfeather Eyrie elemental cave

Elemental cave is Goldfeather Eyrie (E)

A small aviak outpost tower is found in Goldfeather Eyrie (N).

The werewolf Bloodmaw may be found roaming the hills of Goldfeather Eyrie (NW), (W), and (SW).

On the other side of the impassable mountain wall, just west of Snafitzer's House, is the elemental cavern - home of the blue magician, Jareth Roanir. The elemental cavern is a winding series of passageways leading deep underground and guarded by various ice and wind elementals.
Goldfeather Eyrie elemental cave 2

Inside the elemental cave

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