Gnolls are a race of dog-like humanoids. There are two primary factions of gnolls in Tunaria - those of Blackburrow, and those of Slesher.
GnollCommander Black

A gnoll commander

Gnoll variantsEdit

Numerous types of gnolls thrive within Norrath. Those that are part of neither the Blackburrow or Slesher clans are particularly apt to settle in Plains areas, in small tent camps. Gnolls are particularly common in Widow's Peak and Centaur Valley.

  • Gnoll
  • Gnoll berserker
  • Gnoll commander
  • Gnoll fighter
  • Gnoll fisherman
  • Gnoll forager
  • Gnoll guard
  • Gnoll mystic
  • Gnoll pup
  • Gnoll reaver
  • Gnoll redpaw
  • Gnoll ruffian
  • Gnoll runt
  • Gnoll scout
  • Gnoll seer
  • Gnoll shaman
  • Gnoll sniper
  • Gnoll soldier
  • Gnoll spear fisherman
  • Gnoll strongfang
  • Gnoll warder
  • Gnoll whitepaw

Specific lootEdit

Gnolls have a relatively small mob-specific loot table:

  • Adorberg Abbot Scarf
  • Adorberg Avatar Chestguard
  • Doglord longbow
  • Doglord longclaw
  • Fanged cudgel
  • Gorynn Chestplate
  • Gorynn Guard
  • Restored Adorberg Crossbow
  • Ring of Forgotten Dogs
  • Strongfang gutwrencher
  • Wolfscale leggings

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