List of Gate Keepers and Waysenders


Arcadin to Stone of Morthalis - Waysender =? (last Waysender on end FP docks, past waysender Yarning)

Arcadin Good to Highbourne or Freeport- Dockmaster Killeron

Freeport Good to Arcadin - Dockmaster Yarning

Freeport Evil to Stone of Morthalis - Dockmaster Endol

Highbourne Good to Arcadin - Dockmaster Thinda

Highbourne Evil to Stone of Morthalis - Dockmaster Twallny

Stone of Morthalis Evil to Bogman Village or Freeport - Dockmaster Bibbin

Oggok Gate Evil to Moggok's Gate - Gatekeeper Threm

Gerntar's Mine Good to Farstone(Sphinx Pyramid) - Gatekeeper Furyfoot

Farstone (Sphinx Pyramid) Good to Gerntar's Mine - Gatekeeper Kuggin

Moggok's Gate Evil to Oggok Gate - Gatekeeper Wavar

Urglunt's Wall (Tunaria) to Urglunt's Gate (Rathe Mtns) - Target Door

Urglunt's Gate (Rathe Mtns) to Urglunt's Wall (Tunaria) - Target Door

Bogman Village Evil to Stone of Morthalis - Dockmaster Geben

Stone of Morthalis Evil Erudite to Highbourne - Dockmaster Bibbin

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