Frosteye Valley is a zone consisting primary of snow. It is bounded on the west by Anu VIllage (although not directly accessible due to impassable mountain wall) and on the east by Halas. To the north lies the impassable mountain wall and Guardian Forest is to the south. Travel into Guardian Forest is only possible by passing through Freezeblood lair.
Frosteye Valley Freezeblood tower

Freezeblood tower in Frosteye Valley (S)

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Frosteye Valley:

  • Freezeblood Berserker
  • Skeleton Dog
  • Snow Leopard Cub
  • Snowfist Scavenger
  • Snowfist Villager
  • White Owl

Points of InterestEdit

The entrance to Freezeblood lair is located in Frosteye Valley (S). It is an underwater cave found at the bottom of a lake.
Frosteye Valley Freezeblood laid entrance

Entrance to the Freezeblood lair in Frosteye Valley (S)

Roaming the arctic hills of Frosteye Valley is the fearsome wolf, Graymarch. He is commonly encountered in Frosteye Valley (?).


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