Placeholder page for information about generic froglok type of mobs


Numerous types of froglok mobs are found within Norrath, primarily in the swampland regions of southern Tunaria such as Grobb and Basher's Enclave, but also in remote regions in the north including Fog Marsh.

A complex heirarchy denotes rank within froglok clans. The following designations indicate froglok standing, from lowest to highest:

  1. Tuk
  2. Gaz
  3. Ton
  4. Vis
  5. Shin
  6. Shinta
  7. Tal
  8. Nokta
  9. Tonta
  10. Tsu
  11. Tal
  12. Urd
  13. Dar
  14. Wan
  15. Kor
  16. Yun
  17. Zol
  18. Guk

Specific lootEdit

There is a large variety of gear that drops exclusively from frogloks. The following item sets are specific to the froglok class of mobs:

In addition, the following individual items are dropped exclusively by frogloks:

  • Cracked cudgel
  • Cypress Limbed Bow
  • Cypress buckler
  • Hewn cypress limb
  • Willowcut
  • Tadpole trinket
  • Tolburd's walking stick

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