Freezeblood lair is a small dungeon located in Frosteye Valley (S). Travel through the lair is necessary in order to reach Guardian Forest from Frosteye Valley.
Frosteye Valley Freezeblood laid entrance

Underwater entrance to Freezeblood lair in Frosteye Valley (S)


The lair is a relatively small dungeon consisting of two primary branches. If entering from Frosteye Valley adventurers are presented with two hallways upon entering the lair. Taking the path to the left leads to the exit to Guardian Forest. Taking the path to the left leads down into the main antechamber of the lair.

From within the main antechamber, adventurers may continue down a ramp, to a room walled with ice and guarded by ice spiders. Taking a left turn from the main antechamber leads to the Freezeblood throneroom.

Named mobsEdit

The following named mobs are encountered in Freezeblood lair:
Freezeblood lair throne room

Throne room in Freezeblood lair


There are several quests that involve travel into the Freezeblood lair, the most noteable of which is the dwarf paladin level 20 specialization quest.

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