Freezeblood Village is a zone consisting primarily of snow. It is bounded on the west by Guardian Forest (although not directly accessible due to impassable mountain wall) and on the east by Goldfeather Eyrie. To the north lies Halas and Diren Village is to the south.
Freezeblood Village

Freezeblood Village

The average mobs in Freezeblood Village are of levels 10 to 20.

The following mobs are typically encountered in Freezeblood Village:

  • Freezeblood Berzerker
  • Freezeblood Cleric
  • Freezeblood Hunter
  • Freezeblood Huntress
  • Freezeblood Warrior

Points of interestEdit

In Freezeblood Village (S) adventurers encounter freezeblood camps - scattered igloos with various freezeblood goblins. Tak Frostbiter spawns in one such camp.

A tower in Freezeblood Village (C) is overrun with undead, and is the spawn point for Frostbite.

Yarn Icefrost, and his twin wolves, Tinder and Scratch, inhabit an igloo in Freezeblood Village (N).

The shaman Bison lives in a cave in Freezeblood Village (NW).

In Freezeblood Village (?) spawns the massive polar bear, Snowdrift.
Freezeblood Village Bison's cave

Bison's cave in Freezeblood Village (NW)

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