There are a number of internet forums available for discussion of Everquest Online Adventures. The most active forums include:


When visiting EQOA forums, please consider:

  1. Searching before posting - there is a vast amount of information available on the official Sony EQOA forums. A search can be fruitful if you have a good sense of what search terms are necessary. Currently, the vast majority of all legacy posts on the official EQOA forums are now locked, so expect to need to create a new discussion thread if you need to ask a follow-up to information shared in an existing thread.
  2. Take the time to be helpful - especially in the sub-boards dedicated to new players, such as the Newbie Zone on the official EQOA forums. Even if you aren't entirely sure of the answer to someone's question, if you have an idea or can point them in the right direction, the discussion never hurts.
  3. Post thoughtfully - attempt to articulate yourself, use proper spelling and grammar, employ paragraphs to break up long thoughts, and use punctuation appropriately.

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