Fort Alliance is a zone consisting primarily of plains. It is bounded on the west by Kelinar and on the east by Tak'Xiz West. To the north lies Brog Fens and Elephant Graveyard is to the south.
Fort Alliance

Fort Alliance

The following mobs are typically encountered in Fort Alliance:

  • Defiled Mummy
  • Lionwere
  • Razgut guard
  • Razgut reaver
  • Shadowwisp

Points of interestEdit

Fort Alliance itself is a walled town located in Fort Alliance (SE). Dwarves serve primarily as guards. Many apprentice mages journey here to train with some of Tunaria's wisest and most powerful.

Two Razgut troll camps are located in Fort Alliance, in (E) and (SW). The Razgut are a nomadic clan of trolls.
Fort Allinace Razgut camp

Razgut reaver in Fort Alliance

In Fort Alliance (N) are located several centaur camps.

In Fort Alliance (NW) adventurers will discover a mist-shrouded series of ruins. Within these ruins lurks Lord Gorvik.
Fort Alliance ruins

Ruins in Fort Alliance (NW)

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