Ferran's Hope is a zone primarily consisting of light forests and hills. It is bounded on the west by Trail's End and on the east by Deathfist Forge. To the north lies Bastable Village and Desert Hate is to the south.
Ferrans Hope blacktongue orc town

Blacktongue orc encampment in Ferran's Hope

The following mobs are typically found in Ferran's Hope:

  • Blacktongue Apprentice
  • Blacktongue Disciple
  • Blacktongue Orc
  • Shade Wolf

Points of interestEdit

Blacktongue orcs have overrun the ruins of several human encampments in Ferran's Hope. These are found in Ferran's Hope (C) and (W) respectively, with the encampment in Ferran's Hope (W) found nestled in the mountains, and in (C) along a large river.
Ferrans Hope Blacktongue camp

Blacktongue orc camp in Ferran's Hope

The leader of the Blacktongue orcs, the eponymously named Blacktongue rarely spawns in the camp in Ferran's Hope (W).

A large stone monument is found in Ferran's Hope (NW).

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